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I offer the following book tour packages to get your book out in front of a vast audience.  I have bloggers inside and outside the United States.

Tour packages includes a tour banner, a media kit, tour scheduled on Sapphyria's Book Promotions, and promotion of posts throughout each tour date.

Giveaways may be offered (at the expense and shipping, if prize is physical, of the author). I use Rafflecopter entry forms and the giveaway will be tour wide.  I will chose winner(s) at the end of the tour and email you the information for sending of prizes.


My tours run Monday-Friday unless a book releases on a Saturday or Sunday, or you have a special event promotion.


I am unable to coordinate tours for erotica or BDSM novels at this time.


I highly recommend offering review copies, guest post and interview opportunities, and exclusive excerpt options.  Reviews are not guaranteed and, unfortunately, hosts don't always uphold their commitment to review.  I have no control over that.  I can only follow up via email if they don't post a review on their date.  However, I also have a 2-3 strikes and your out policy.  If hosts don't post or fail to review more than my allowed number of times, and don't respond to my reminder/missing post email, they are removed from my hosting team.


I generally need 4 weeks from the date of payment to schedule a tour properly, especially if you want to offer review copies.  If your time frame is shorter than that - and you don't expect reviews - I can probably accommodate a shorter scheduling period - my hosts are fantastic that way!


Available Tour Packages:

1. 1-Day Cover Reveal - $38.00
Number of hosts will depend on number of sign ups but is typically 5-10 stops.

2. 1-Day Book Blast - $38.00
This can be used for a new release, a sale price, or a promotion to get your book back out in front of consumers.  Number of hosts will depend on number of sign ups but is typically at least 5-10 stops.

3. 1-Week Book Tour - $49.00
Number of hosts will depend on number of sign ups but is typically at least 5-10 stops.

4. Free-on-Kindle eBook Blitz - $38.00
This can be one day, five days, or any number in-between, and the number of hosts will depend on number of sign ups but is typically at lease 5-10 stops.

5. I also offer a press release package for $8.00.
If you book a tour, the press release may be added the discounted rate of $5.00.


I know you are wondering where the "review only" and "2-week or longer" tours are.  In the 3+ years I've been coordinating book tours, review only tours or tours that are more than a week are poorly received by my hosts.  I cannot effectively fill a review only tour and the tours that have been more than a week usually only host 1 stop per weekday of the tour.  I have better responses to the four packages I have listed above.


To book a tour with Sapphyria's Book Promotions please email Amber at with your name, book title, genre, synopsis, and email address that you use for PayPal.

I only accept PayPal payments and will send an invoice to you upon receipt of emailed tour request.

Please put "Booking a Tour" in your email's subject line.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to work with you soon!

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