Saturday, October 5, 2019

Scheduling a 1-week Virtual Tour for A Bestiary Alphabet by Felix Eddy ~ Illustrated Guide to Mythological Creatures (October 17-24, 2019) #Mythology @MirrorWorldPub

Sign ups are now open for A Bestiary Alphabet by Felix Eddy!

About A Bestiary Alphabet:

From Al-Mi’raj to Zlatarog, The Bestiary Alphabet features a different mythical creature for every letter of the alphabet, lovingly drawn and illustrated by the talented Felix Eddy.

Like the medieval bestiaries of old, the Bestiary Alphabet collects mythological creatures from all over the globe. Some are household names, others are delightful obscurities, but all will move and inspire you to dream of a world that you have never seen. Felix Eddy’s trip through the alphabet will show you the magic, mystery, power and beauty in all the things that might have been.

A Bestiary Alphabet is an illustrated guide to mythological creatures for a general audience - suitable for all websites/blogs.

This tour will run October 17-24, 2019 (no weekend dates).  I don't require top or only post of the day for any of my tours.  Materials will include a standard post and an HTML.

Genre: Mythology, Creatures, Art

92 pages

Sign up here:

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